Marketing Maturity Roadmap

July 17, 2018

By Chris Franks

Marketing Maturity Roadmap for SaaS Companies

You have a great idea for a company. You know that you’re solving a problem that exists in the world. Now what?

This eBook models and benchmarks the standard marketing path a startup should follow.Use it as a diagnostic tool for assessing how you’re progressing in your marketing efforts so you can kick butt in growing your startup!

The Marketing Maturity Roadmap will help you:

  • Understand the progression from Infancy to Efficiency
  • Give actions at each checkpoint so you can move along.
  • Visualize the seven different major phases in any marketing development, called “Ages.”
  • Help you reach the “Age of Enlightenment.”
  • Track where your company is in terms of marketing development, and what steps to take next.

    The road to a fully-functional marketing operation can be a tricky one. Make sure you don’t miss any of the checkpoints along the way.