The 3 Great Ways To See Growth in Action At This Year’s Denver Startup Week

September 13, 2018

By Chris Franks

It’s that time of year again. Thousands of tech people from all over the city converge on downtown Denver, eager to fill their beautiful brains with the latest in startup wisdom and lore. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life (and at varying degrees of entrepreneurial success) come armed with business cards, bright and shining smiles, and their favorite drink order, ready to soak up all that Denver’s vibrant and exciting startup community has to offer. Ah Yes. Denver Startup Week is here!

Denver Startup Week

It’s like Christmas to nerdy tech industry types in Denver

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with us, CleverFunnel is the epitome of a Denver startup. We’re small, scrappy, and work in a decrepit office in LoDo (complete with settling foundations, cracked walls, and questionable safety standards). In short, we look forward to DSW all year round. Not only are we all super excited to see the latest in what Denver’s startup community has to offer (I’m personally looking forward to the “How AI & Machine Learning Are Disrupting Billion-Dollar Industries” panel), we’re also looking forward for the opportunity to let the world know all about the magic science that happens at CleverFunnel HQ (and not just counting the cracks on our bathroom wall).

No, see, Denver Startup Week is great for anyone who is curious about the magic science of growth marketing. It’s new, and it can be scary, and we like to write about it a ton, but DSW is a great opportunity to hear the subject of growth discussed and put into context. Lucky for you, CleverFunnel’s head honcho, Chris Franks will be especially active at this year’s Denver Startup Week. Below are the three events you can catch Chris at, spilling his soul about all the cool shit we’re doing all year round.


Crush It: A Guide to Lean Startup Sales

Crush It!WHEN:

Monday, 9/24/18 from 2:00-3: 30 PM


WeWork Tabor Center (1200 17th Street, 27th Floor)


As a founder, you wear many hats. From accountant to janitor you do it all. For most companies, the essential hat a founder wears is that of a salesperson. Convincing someone to buy what you’re selling is at the heart of your business.

The answer, of course, is developing a customer acquisition framework critical to scaling any company. How do you turn strangers into leads? How do you transform leads into prospects? Ultimately how do you make more sales? In a world where you can get overwhelmed with data, what are the key indicators of your success?

In this session, Chris Franks a leader in of growth marketing and Jay Mays a leader in startup sales will teach you to the skills and techniques you need to become an expert in finding your perfect customer, starting a conversation, qualifying and shepherding the deal to close. From ads to demos you will walk away with a new approach to finding customers for your startup.



Traction! The Art and Science of Finding Customers for Your Startup

Art & Science 2: Electric Boogaloo


Monday, 9/24/18 from 4:00-5: 30 PM


Polsinelli – Longs Peak (1401 Lawrence St, #2300, 23rd Floor)


Finding customers for your startup has never been more challenging. From Paid to PR there are more marketing channels, more tactics, more gurus giving advice and ultimately more noise than ever. How does your company find your first critical customers? More importantly, how do you turn those first few customers into a successful startup?

In this session, Chris Franks, the Founder, and CEO of CleverFunnel Digital, Co-Founder of Denver Startup Week and Co-Founder of Denver Founders Network will walk you through a process to build a scalable customer delivery system for your business.



The Smart Startup – A Better Way to Know That Your Startup Will Succeed

The Smart Startup Event Denver Startup WeekWHEN:

Wednesday, 9/26/18 from 10:00-11:30 AM


Catalyst Event Center (1881 35th Street)


Should I spend the next few years of my life building this business? How do I validate or invalidate my idea? The “build it, and they will come” approach to building startups is the riskiest and most foolish way to approach building a successful company. What if you could tell if your startup was going to be successful before you spent a bunch of time on money? What if you could determine what your potential customers thought of your idea before you launched (or invested money)? Most importantly, what if you could find out if your business would make money before you built the product or service?

While it may seem counterintuitive, in 2018 there is no reason to spend time, aggravation and money on a project that you have not first validated with your potential customers! This methodology is the way the world’s smartest entrepreneurs are approaching building their companies, and after this session, you can too!

In this session, Chris Franks Founder and CEO at CleverFunnel Digital, Nate Greenlee CEO at Team and Culture, and Dave Meyer VP of Growth for Biggerpockets will walk you through how to validate (or invalidate) any startup idea in a matter of days using the power of lean customer acquisition and Growth Marketing. They will walk you through the tools and tactics you can use to stop wasting time on bad ideas and find the one will!