Google Signals: The Ad Attribution Game Changer You’ve Been Waiting On!

August 26, 2020

By Chris Franks

Envision Google Analytics on steroids and with more data than the Matrix, and you have a pretty good picture of Google Signals. This new product from Google is exactly what small businesses have been waiting on. It is a game-changer for businesses wanting to streamline their multi-channel ad campaigns and gain a better understanding of what’s working and for which audiences. Make better-informed decisions about your ad campaigns and therefore get better ad spend. It’s time to get your analytics game on track and utilize the power that is omni-channel advertising.

What is Google Signals?

Google signals is a cross-device reporting and remarketing tool. In short, this versatile tool allows users to track the consumer journey across multiple devices, whether they use one device or ten before conversion. Users can think of it as an upgrade to the existing, already popular Google Analytics tool. In fact, it is designed to work in sync with Google Analytics.

Active Google Signals

How Does It Work Exactly?

Google Analytics solo already tracks sessions along with the device type for users that are signed into their Google Accounts. However, it cannot track the same journey across multiple devices.This is the real key. Google Analytics sees each device as not only a separate user, but a session. When users add Google Signals, it takes it to a whole new level. Google Signals follows the consumer journey by first detecting the device that the original ad click was made, through different devices where ad clicks were made, and finally to the device on which the conversion was made.

Let’s use an example: A user first clicks on an ad on their laptop computer. They then click on a second ad on their smartphone. Later, a third ad is clicked on using their tablet, and finally, a conversion made on the user’s desktop. Google Signals tracks the entire progression across the different devices and turns it into meaningful information.

Must Enable Ads Personalization

In order for small businesses to reap all of the benefits that Google’s newest feature has to offer, users must enable the ads personalization option which will allow for:

  • Remarketing activities
  • More comprehensive data will be collected about users, demographics, etc.
  •  Cross-device reports

Reports Generated by Google Signals

Google Signals provides a variety of reports based on the data and information gathered. Users can choose one or more reports that offer useful insight into their business’s campaign ads. Reports provided include:

  • Device Overlap Report – Offers users a better understanding of the overlap of devices among users when interacting with your business’s site.
  • Device Path Report – Shows uses the sequence of devices used that led to a conversion. In other words, is there a trend as to which device most people purchase from?
  • Channels Report – Which channels most effectively lead to conversions?
  • Acquisition Device Report – Which types of devices are most commonly used to initially engage with your business’s site?

Why Does Your Small Business Need Google Signals?

Utilizing Google Signals provides valuable insights that allow you to optimize your customer’s journey. Learn what their behavior patterns are and tweak your ad campaigns to better accommodate these patterns and needs. Take your remarketing efforts to the next level by specifically targeting specific groups based on device use. Google Signals is the perfect tool for obtaining insights that you will actually use and making your small business the epitome of sophistication.

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