About CleverFunnel

We’re a small, fierce group of marketing engineers, obsessed with our clients’ success. And craft beer.

Born in “The Cloud” and selling SaaS before it was cool

CleverFunnel started with a few technology-obsessed nerds that diverged from traditional marketing, to create a solutions-based partner agency for companies looking to disrupt the marketing in which they work in. Fueled by many beer-filled nights, CleverFunnel has evolved into what is now a strategic, full-service performance marketing agency. With a scrappy group of marketing engineers determined to change the minds of anyone that ever thought marketing was just Mad Men sipping whiskey, ordering swag, and putting pretty colors together, we are shaking up the modern notion of marketing.

What We Believe

In Data We Trust

It’s not just a catchphrase. From simple lists, all the way to in-depth Google Analytics reporting, we live and die by our performance metrics.

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Applied Creativity

We’re idea people. We specialize in looking at a client’s needs, and discovering a solution that they may not have discovered on their own.

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Evolve or Die

The world of web marketing moves fast, and we’ve found that as a marketing agency, you can either be ahead of the curve or behind the 8-ball. We prefer the former.

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How We’re Different

We’re about the least “marketing agency” agency out there. When we say “performance-based,” we mean it. If your campaigns don’t deliver results, we don’t get paid. Simple as that.

Who We Are

  • Lisa Bongiovanni
    Lisa Bongiovanni Founder

    Lisa is the founder and owner of CleverFunnel Marketing. She’s lively, spunky, and full of great ideas. Her two favorite animals are Vino (her dog) and green frogs.

  • Chris Franks
    Chris Franks CEO

    Chris is the CEO CleverFunnel. He likes to be outside and to spend time with his friends and family. It’s a bonus if he can do those two things together.

  • Max Schosid
    Max Schosid Marketing Production Manager

    Max is a Denver native. When he’s not blasting out copy, you’ll probably find him cuddling his two cats, Harrison and Boo. Ask him about how to cook chicken, and he’ll give you at least five different ways.

  • Ivan Andazola
    Ivan Andazola Marketing Consultant

    Ivan likes marketing. He also likes westerns among other things. When he’s not marketing his wares, you can find Ivan creating and spreading conspiracy theories across the internet, some of which he has started believing. They all involve Bill Cipher.


  • Luke Rothschild
    Luke Rothschild Marketing Consultant

    A transplant from Denver’s music industry, Luke is a marketing professional, music lover, tech enthusiast, and science fanboy. He’s always looking for new sci-fi and houseplants.

  • Dan Pagliarini
    Dan Pagliarini Developer

    Dan is an aspiring Googler who hopes to steal jobs from Silicon Valley companies and bring them to Denver with a vengeance. Dan hates music but is certainly not above partying to The Monster Mash.

  • Vino Blanco Capone Bongiovanni
    Vino Blanco Capone Bongiovanni CleverFunnel Mascot

    Vino is CleverFunnel’s mascot. His main responsibilities include making sure we don’t leave food on the floor, alerting us when car alarms are going off, eating everything he can get ahold of, and getting sick from eating everything he can get ahold of. Vino enjoys long walks on the… anywhere. He likes walks.

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