Case Study

Emerging Market Opportunities

Cleverfunnel helped give SolSpec, an energy tech company, a clear answer into where their services were needed most through a unique, customized approach to location testing.

The Challenge

SolSpec was suffering from what we call “the big room problem.” They could see opportunity in every direction, but could not find a way to choose which direction to take their brand.

The Solution

CleverFunnel identified several geographic that held potential for expansion. We then ran a top-of-funnel campaign to potential customers, testng against a variety of problems that SolSpec was capable of solving.

The Results

CleverFunnel identified a surprising new market for energy tech – Alaska. To validate these results, Solspec took a trip to Anchorage. Based on the overwhelming results they saw, Solspec announced they would be opening a new office in Alaska.

Look, we get it, it’s scary to make the first move.

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