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Ah yes, email marketing: is there a more polarizing element to any marketing strategy? For some reason, some spammy mouth-breathers got it in their heads that “spamming the shit out of your contact list and hope something sticks” counted as marketing (hint: this strategy is not effective).

So then, when it comes to email marketing, what is effective? As you may have noticed, most people do not purchase from you the first time they talk to you (unless you are a fucking sales guru, in which case, we want what you’re having). What happens to anyone who needs more time to consider their options? How do you keep your business top-of-mind for all of your leads? The answer is pretty simple: utilize marketing automation best practices to deliver carefully-tested emails to highly segmented lists (okay, not that simple). We interface with sales teams to understand the right touches, the right timings, and the right methods to support the sales process for any organization — yes, even you sales dynamos out there.

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