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Proven Systems and Strategies for Customer Acqusition

Online Store A/B Testing

Making incremental improvements based on on-site behavior makes a huge difference in sales.

Get targeted site traffic

Step 1 in getting more e-comemrce sales is getting more visitors to your site. We drive high-intent site traffic at low costs.

E-Conversion Science

We turn a click into a conversion by utilizing the data-science to build a highly efficient e-commerce machine. 

People that sell online have two choices now: 
1) Embrace the digital landscape and thrive
2) Die

Chris Franks | CEO, CleverFunnel

Don't assume. Know. Grow your company with data.

Impact Stories

Learn how CleverFunnel has helped these other fine companies make intelligent, data driven decisions.

Customer Acquisition Case Study 1

CleverFunnel proves customer acquisition is possible within a hyper-niche customer base.

StraightLine Private Air fills a gap between the commercial flyer and private plane owners, but struggled to garner attention within their niche market.

The Challenge

Finding and converting clients who fall between commercial travelers and private jet owners.

The Solution

Persona discovery, targeted social and PPC, premium content, digital and email remarketing campaigns

The Results

We identified StraightLine's ideal customer and implemented a highly targeted multi-channel, multi-touch strategy, and in turn increased high-quality leads by 300% and drastically reduced their conversion timeline.

CleverFunnel uses multi-pronged approach to customer acquisition for a two sided marketplace app.

DropSpot, a two-sided marketplace designed to eliminate porch-piracy, needed to build both sides of the user base required to launch their services in San Francisco. CleverFunnel utilized geotargeting, printed flyers and aggressive digital retargeting of local businesses partners, resulting in a 400% increase in adoption of both merchants and end-users.

The Challenge

We saw Dropspot was struggling with user adoption of their two-sided marketplace app.

The Solution

Targeted 'ground softening' via social ads, email campaign to merchants, simulated 'missed package' door sticker campaign and user-focused geotarget digital campaign.

The Results

We increased overall adoption, signing 60+ merchant businesses as well as a 400% increase in user base.

From Zero to Expansion - Cleverfunnel helped build one company from a simple idea to rapid growth.

Whole Family Neurofeedback had a great idea, but needed us to help them become a great business.

The Challenge

We knew WholeFamily had no digital presence, and they had no idea how to begin their digital journey.

The Solution

WebDev, Persona/Driver/Message Discovery, Social Presence and Conversion Rate Optimization, Social and PPC campaigns.

The Results

We were able to build an entire digital ecosystem for Whole Family Neurofeedback that provided a steady supply of highly qualified leads during a critical growth period.

The Art & Science Of Finding Customers For Your Company

See How Breakfast Burritos, Your Business, and Finding Customers All Fit Together in Today’s Hyper-Crowded Marketing Landscape.

The Customer Acquisition Process in Action

Hear how these CleverFunnel clients grew their businesses.

Finding quality marketing in SaaS technology is very challenging. When our marketing team discovered CleverFunnel, we knew we had found a “needle in a haystack.”

CleverFunnel clearly lives up to its name.

Rhonda O'Connor


When I’m talking to friends or colleagues about by business, I refer to Clever Funnel as “my marketing team”. I COULD NOT have had the success I’ve had in the last 2+ years without them.

Miriam Bellamy

Whole Family Neurofeedback

CleverFunnel essentially prints $$$.  When I was leading Biz Dev, CleverFunnel was my lead generation apparatus and their savvy digital lead generation was instrumental! 

Brian Curr

Head of Business Development, WorkAbility

Look, we get it, it’s scary to make the first move.

If you’re like 95% of other people out there, you don’t trust marketers. We don’t blame you. Let us alleviate your skepticism and show you the CleverFunnel way of systematic customer acquisition.

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