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Here’s a sad truth in marketing agencies. Accountability is defined by how well someone can twist statistics to make their work appear more effective than it is. Dishonesty about data is bad for everyone. It’s bad for clients because they’re being deceived. It’s bad for agencies because disconnects between what we’re doing and our clients’ results become blindingly obvious as a dishonest relationship continues.

What are actual metrics-driven results? Any agency or marketer in the digital age (at least I hope) will tell you that they are driven by metrics. Metrics in marketing typically focus on engagement of people to whatever marketing initiative they are working on at the time. Impressions, audience share, and contacts are not what we see as success. We do more than report on the data: we live, eat and breathe it.

We believe that accountability and accurate data reporting are the main ingredients in a successful marketing partnership. However, it’s more than just providing numbers; it’s providing the context behind those numbers as well.

If someone comes to us and asks, “How’s our website doing?” there are a few ways we could go about answering that. What are we trying to accomplish? If we’re talking about a blog, for example, we might look at where the traffic is coming from, and how long are people staying on the page. If we’re analyzing a landing page, we care about how people got there, and whether they converted or not. Giving a client a stack of numbers without context is simply a waste of time for everyone.

In data we trust: it’s not just a catch-phrase; it’s the key to success in marketing.

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