From Dreams To Dollars

A Growth Marketing Workshop Series

We’re Startup People

We understand what you’re going through and how hard it can be to not only find customers, but the right customers. Starting up can be noisy and confusing especially when you’re both the CEO and the janitor!

It is because we get you, that we created a curriculum to show you the same strategies and tactics agencies use to help businesses grow. CleverFunnel has pioneered a new approach to data-driven concept, audience, and product validation for customer acquisition. Our methodologies will help you use analytics to identify your optimal target market and customer personas to drive conversions.

CleverFunnel is launching a five-part workshop series on April 26th to teach you our scalable, replicable and predictable growth process. Over the next five months, you’ll gain clarity around your strategy, process, and tools to produce measurable results.

You will learn:

  • Who Are You and How Do You Grow?
  • Customer Personas and Customized Strategies
  • Crafting the Message to Capture Your Customers’ Attention
  • Funnel Strategies to Drive Conversion
  • Channel-Specific Growth Hacking

Our monthly workshops will build on each other as well as stand alone in their value. In between workshops, we’ll hold a 60 minute check-in video meeting to answer any questions and provide input as needed. If your needs are greater than the workshop and check-in call, our services are also available via one-on-one consulting.

Upcoming Sessions

Workshop Schedule

April 26th, 8:45 am
May 30, 8:45 am
June 27, 8:45 am
August 1, 8:45 am
August 27, 8:45 am

Orientation Webinar

Friday, April 12 @ 2 pm
Topics Covered:

  • Setting up google analytics
  • Connect an email account – mailchimp — email strategy
  • Set up google ad accounts, facebook ad account
  • Set up all social media accounts
  • What tools need to be put in place to build a funnel?
  • Give CF access ad account access and google analytics?
  • HW for workshop

Workshop #1
Who Are You and How Do You Grow?

Friday, April 26 @ 8:45 am
Topics Covered:

  • Answer: what do you do? Who are you? How do you make money?
  • Develop business model canvas, craft value proposition/offering
  • Marketing through the lens of the job to be done – Clayton Christensen
  • What’s the addressable market?
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product market fit

Workshop #2
Customer Personas and Customized Strategies

May 30 @ 8:45 am
Topics Covered:

  • Persona development
  • Translating persona into a digital audience — Identifying and uplink into web and create the audience online
  • How do you actually target audience?
  • Who? What care about? What’s going to get them to convert?

Workshop #3
Crafting the Message to Capture Your Customers’ Attention

June 27 @ 8:45 am
Topics Covered:

  • Driver and Messaging
  • Foundational/critical component
  • Identify True north
  • What do they care about
  • Hierarchy of needs
  • Message testing – the what and how

Workshop #4
Funnel Strategies to Drive Conversion

August 1 @ 8:45 am
Topics Covered:

  • Destination – how to get customers to convert and to where
  • Apply everything you’ve learned into nice package where people inspired to take action
  • From anything top of funnel to website
  • Retargeting and email destination (?)
  • Ad testing process – google, facebook, instagram

Workshop #5
Channel-Specific Growth Hacking

May 30 @ 8:45 am
Topics Covered:

  • Website basics & best practices
  • SEO
  • Email marketing strategies, tactics and tools
  • Heat mapping
  • Google analytics
  • Pixel setup – understand customer math
  • Identifying and amplifying growth channels

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