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The Science of Growth Marketing

See the methods used by high-growth companies to translate marketing data into effective customer acquisition models.

Discover testing methodologies that take the risk out of your marketing investment by learning what will drive results before you take it to scale

Learn to create a replicable and scalable system that’s uniquely optimized to push your target audience through your conversion funnel. 


Your true secret identity. See how we mitigate risk and anticipate the market’s response to your product launch.

Dark Branding: How to market-test a bold new approach without risking backlash for a Fortune 500 brand.

By implimenting Dark Branding techniques, CleverFunnel was able to determine what positioning is best - and worst - recieved by the molson Coors customer base.

The Challenge

Molson Coors had created a product that could be game-changing, but might also ruffle some feathers with loyal beer-drinkers. The project also needed to be kept secret from the public in case competitors caught wind. How do you test your brand positioning while still keeping your project under wraps?

The Solution

Dark Branding. This meant creating an entirely new company along with all social media, website and ad campaigns. This let us test anything and everything we wanted in order to find answers.

The Results

By learning what consumers really care about in their product before taking a new innovation live, Molson Coors was able to effectively mitigate the risk of backlash and stack the deck in their favor before launching the product.


Never launch with your fingers crossed. Here’s how our testing methodology lets you see the future.

How to gain market share when you're up against Amazon's market dominance.

Instead of swimming against the current in the B2C app space, CleverFunnel found a blue ocean where this client could corner the market.

The Challenge

With Amazon's Audible product dominating the mainstream market, how can we gain market share while maintaining CPA that doesn’t gouge your margins?

The Solution

Through a series of market tests and a novel approach to audience data analytics, CleverFunnel developed a scalable strategy to drive cheap downloads in an undersearved market.

The Results

The extensive testing done by CleverFunnel helped identify new markets for our client to expand into. We were able to drive new downloads of their mobile app and beat the client's aggresively low Cost Per Download goal.


Ditch the data noise. Here’s how we stay focused on what matters most and what works best.

Cleverfunnel helped an energy tech company identify new market opportunities.

A unique, customized approach to location testing gave SolSpec a clear answer into where their services were needed most.

The Challenge

SolSpec was suffering from what we call “the big room problem.” They could see opportunity in every direction, but could not find a way to choose which direction to take their brand.

The Solution

CleverFunnel identified several geographic that held potential for expansion. We then ran a top-of-funnel campaign to potential customers, testng against a variety of problems that SolSpec was capable of solving.

The Results

CleverFunnel identified a surprising new market for energy tech - Alaska. To validate these results, Solspec took a trip to Anchorage. Based on the overwhelming results they saw, Solspec announced they would be opening a new office in Alaska.

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