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We work with companies across all different industries at different phases in their growth. From burgeoning startup, to fully-funded enterprise, CleverFunnel works with businesses to develop a full-funnel marketing strategy that delivers revenue results.

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Finding the right audience for a highly collaborative product

A product like mcSquares has many potential users, and dozens of potential collaborative use cases. Through intensive persona, driver, and message testing, we were able to discover who mcsquares’ customers are, what they want, and how to talk to them.

Whole Family Neurofeedback Logo

Identifying potential customers from multiple channels for a startup

From a personal experience with the technology, Miriam Bellamy founded Whole Family Neurofeedback. By working with CleverFunnel, she was able to turn her idea into a fully functional business, with identified audiences, and consistent, highly qualified lead flow.

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Promoting an app to both businesses and consumers

By targeting both potential users and prospective vendors to join the DropSpot merchant network, CleverFunnel was able to dramatically increase the app’s reach, visibility, and user base in the San Francisco area and beyond. 

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Finding the right audience in the B2C Space

StraightLine Private Air, a company who provides private aviation services for consumers, has a very specific audience. Traditionally, companies that target the ultra-wealthy engage in high-cost, high-friction strategies (such as sending fruit baskets). In order to reach this exclusive group of potential customers, we designed persona-specific landing pages that touch on the particular needs and use cases of each potential buyer. Ultimately, we proved we could find these people online based on their interests, and convert them into leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional nondigital strategies.

Intensity Analytics Logo

Pinpointing the Right Audience for B2B SaaS

Intensity Analytics develops software that could possibly be applicable to every single person on the planet that uses a computer. How do you take a product like Intensity Analytics’ KeyID, and pinpoint the highest-converting audience? Through rigorous persona-based testing, the team at CleverFunnel was able to find the strongest use cases for the software, and deliver consistent and highly-qualified lead flow.

Intella Logo

Improving the rate of free trial completion for enterprise SaaS

Intella, an eDiscovery software platform by Vound Software, is used by some of the largest government agencies and law firms in the world. The business saw a higher conversion to sale if a prospect initiated and used their free trial of the software. By developing custom workflows based on lead status, the CleverFunnel team was able to improve Vound’s free trial completion, and improve overall sales for the company as well.

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