Top-to-Bottom Performance Marketing

Cut the Buzzwords Bullshit.

You’re paying for results, not jargon.

On the surface, performance marketing is as simple as it sounds.

The distinction between growth-focused, metrics-driven, results-based, and any other marketing buzzword you may find, needs to be made clear. There is only one performance metric that matters to any company looking to stay around for more than a year or so — revenue. Putting aside everything that is marketing jargon, the only marketing worth paying for is marketing that results in increased bottom-line for your company.

How does CleverFunnel differ from other alleged agencies promising ROI and riches from marketing tactics that you’ve heard pitched to you time and time again?

When we say performance-based, we mean it. You pay for what actual pipeline value we deliver. From message creation to meeting set (yes, we mean an actual held meeting for your sales team) and everything in between we offer a comprehensive, top to bottom performance-based marketing. Our core values enable us to offer creative, date-driven solutions, and iterative solutions until we find what works to deliver the performance we promise.

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