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Our organic social media follows a relatively simple rule: “You’re either consistent, or non-existent.” With the rise of paid marketing channels, organic social media management has taken a back seat for plenty of companies. While we agree, building and maintaining an organic social media following is a longer-term project, it does not mean it should play second-fiddle to channels with more immediate results.

We take every organic social project as an opportunity to explore a different industry, each with its own cast of characters. Who are the big players? Who are the influencers? How do we get these people to see us? Because the thing about organic social is you’re less building a direct selling channel, and you’re more carving out a piece of your business community for your company to thrive and succeed.

Social media is a long-term game, but if you cultivate your presence correctly, you’re building more than just a fancy Facebook page: you’re building engaged and fiercely loyal fans.

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