Get To Know CleverFunnel

We’re a small, fierce group of marketing engineers, obsessed with our clients’ success. And craft beer.

What We Believe

Who is CleverFunnel? Not such an easy question to answer, but hopefully, our core beliefs will give you an idea who you’re talking to.

If data could break the curse of the Bambino, surely it was powerful enough to help people find customers.

We laugh every time we see the Geico commercial with Ice T. It’s delicious! Even if it’s funny, as a Growth Marketer, it makes no sense. Unless there is a click, a visit, or an email open, it didn’t happen. We only concern ourselves with those things that can be measured, and we measure all things!

The moment you figure it out it changes. This work is a never-ending process of learning more about the evolving wants and needs of your target market. If you’re like us, you love the work, and it is an excellent ride.

This game is for the bold. You must be prepared to get it wrong. The Growth Marketer celebrates failure at the same level as we celebrate success. In both cases, we’ve become smarter. It can be scary to try something entirely new and weird, but those strange tests are often the ones that win the most significant results. Be bold and remember, no one is going to take away your birthday if you mess up.

Put on your big kid pants because it’s time for some harsh truths. Your opinion about how your company wins customers doesn’t matter. Our opinion doesn’t matter. No one’s opinion matters. The only thing that matters is what we can prove. Growth Marketers are only interested in verifiable truths.

While traditional marketing is only interested in gaining awareness and exposure for your product, growth marketing takes a full-funnel approach to customer acquisition. Growth professionals look at the entire buyer’s journey and apply our structured and data-centric approach to every portion of the buying process.

Remember Rule #1? At the heart of Growth Marketing is the idea of small tests. Why would companies spend millions of dollars on things that hopefully will work? We have the tools to find out whether or not a tactic will be useful before we waste a bunch of time and money.

Our Team

Lisa Bongiovanni COO
Fiercely motivated to be her own boss, Lisa founded Cleverfunnel to cut through the trend-chasing marketing nonsense and create something more reliable for startups. Lisa sees marketing data the same way her dog Vino looks at a trash can, as an untapped world of wonder.
Chris Franks CEO
Chris, seen here in his wedding photo, is the CEO and co-founder of Cleverfunnel. He finds himself inspired by the brilliant ambition of other entrepreneurs and the mediocrity of Colorado sports teams. Greatest achievement: successfully pitching a product called “Meat Water.”
Ivan A Marketing Engineer
Ivan excels at design with unique and eye catching ad creatives, websites, and logos. He also creates infinite CleverFunnel based desktop backgrounds and makes legendary fideos..
Luke Rothschild Ad Scientist
Luke Rothschild is a skilled Ad Scientist with an awesome dog named Wyatt who is responsible for Luke's continued employment at CleverFunnel. Luke has skills with programmatic advertising that appear to be some manner of Voodoo to everyone else.
Mika Hutton Chief Data Analyst
Mika’s expert-level knowledge in data-driven marketing, data analytics, and business intelligence makes her a terrible match for anyone who likes not knowing what’s going on. A tech-hobbyist and casual futurist, Mika is an avid purveyor of all nifty new tech and gadgets.
Chris Martinez CTO
Chris Martinez is an experienced developer who brings magic and code to the marketing field. His programming experience opens up a wealth of new opportunities for CleverFunnel and our clients.
Danielle Dupey Graphics Guru
Resident logo design aficionado and Green Bay Packer fan, Danielle brings creative flair to a team full of nerds that keep their heads buried in data. Considered by some to be a “cat lady in training,” Danielle is always thinking about the best way to visually represent a brand.
Vino Blanco Capone Bongiovanni Official Mascot
There's no nice way to say this, but Vino f#cking loves eating garbage. As CleverFunnel’s mascot, his main responsibilities include making sure we don’t leave food on the floor, alerting us when alarms are going off, eating everything he can get ahold of, and walks.
Wyatt Quickboi
Wyatt is CleverFunnel’s official coyote and quickboi. His background is in alerting us when anyone is approaching the door, sprinting around the office, and impersonating pigeons. Wyatt has an awesome human named Luke who is responsible for Wyatt's continued employment at CleverFunnel.
Olive Tiny Dog
Olive is the office tiny dog. She’s so small and cute she will ofter get next to anyone just to win some attention. Despite her tiny status, Olive loves to outdoors in her natural habitat. Also, she loves to pick on Wyatt. Who knew?

Working With Us

Get Shit Done

We move fast, we work fast, we talk fast we get shit done.

Figure Shit Out

As with everything new, there is no playbook. We use our brain matter to figure out the best way to get results for our clients.

Get Weird

We’re weird… but we think we’re good weird! Think freely. Be yourself. Let your nerd flag fly.

Interested in our little weird corner of the digital marketing landscape? Join us in the Funnel.

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